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Jose Canseco discusses the side effects of steroids

Jose discusses the truth and myths about the side effects of using anabolic steroids. Stemming from
his years of experience with the powerful drugs, Jose dispels the belief that steroids increase your
cholesterol or even cause acne but does support the standard stigma that steroids will decrease the size
of your “parts”.

“…yes it does shrink your testicles because you don’t produce your own testosterone. So, your testicles
are what produce your actual testosterone levels, so you don’t produce your own. But it does not have
anything to do with your d--- size or your c--- size, your c--- size actually gets a little bigger”.

Jose discusses how the majority of the negative side effects experienced with anabolic steroid use,
is “dose” related. Canseco claims that maintaining the proper dose for an individual’s weight, body-type,
age, fitness levels etc…is the key to avoiding harsh reactions.

“…again it’s dose related, be careful, don’t take too much… I think the most important thing is to keep
the dosages low. Don’t go overboard. A lot of times in steroid use, less is more. Work gradually, make
sure you’re being supervised, do a little at a time and get lean muscle mass consistently.”

“…Don’t try to bulk up all of a sudden, 30 or 40lb’s in one month because you’re going to lose most of it,
a lot of it’s going to be water weight anyways, and you may have a chance of getting gynecomastia. Just
be careful, it’s all dose-related.”

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